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Cycling Campaign call for no cars on bridge

By andy probert, Thursday Aug 4, 2016

A cycling pressure group is calling on Prince Street Bridge to remain closed to motorised traffic when it reopens.

“It is clear that (the bridge) can no longer continue to function safely while meeting the needs of walkers, cyclists and motorists,” Bristol Cycling Campaign say in a statement.

“Something has to give.”

Bristol Cycling Campaign are now preparing to launch a petition for the bridge to host a year-long trial for walkers and cyclists only, stating that it has already been closed for six months to motor traffic so it shows the city’s roads can cope.


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As Prince Street Bridge is one of the very few direct and flat routes across the Floating Harbour, campaign members stress how important it is to use this route as best as possible and fulfill its potential.

Improvements on the structure will also be needed to encourage more walking and cycling, and if the trial goes ahead air pollution levels will also be monitored to asses the change from petrol to pedal power.

The group also want cycling and walking sections to be clearly delineated to avoid Bristol’s regular conflict between cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

The petition is due to go live soon at


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