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Starter for 10: Mena Fombo

By bristol247, Wednesday Nov 1, 2017

Mena Fombo is programme manager at Knowle West Media Centre and founder of OJiJi Purple Project, which actively campaigns for equality for all. One of their projects, No. You Cannot Touch My Hair, has achieved international renown.

“People have touched my hair either uninvited or without asking permission my whole life,” Mena says. “Some people ask, and then have the audacity to question my response when I tell them no! To me, it’s simple – my body, my choice. I hope this campaign serves to raise awareness, to educate, and promote that we all should have agency over our own bodies.”

Mena will be speaking about the project and the objectification of black women at TEDx Bristol at Colston Hall on November 2.

Mena is this month’s Starter for 10:

Evening in or night out?

Evening in

North or south Bristol?

Ridiculous! There’s only Bristol – north/south doesn’t exist in my book! We’re smaller than one London borough

Bike or car?


Beer or wine?


Coffee or tea?

Black Americano, proper hot, but with one piece of ice, no frills

Art gallery or street art?

Street Art

Magazine or iPhone?


Summer or winter?


City or Rovers?

Greenbay Packers!

Words or actions?


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