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Starter for 10: Julz Davis

By bristol247, Tuesday Jul 10, 2018

Julz Davis is the managing director of St Paul’s Carnival, which had a triumphant return after a four-year hiatus on Saturday, July 7. Julz is part of some major changes made behind the scenes to ensure a more enjoyable event on the day and a more sustainable one for carnivals to come.

Julz is this month’s Starter for 10:

Evening in or night out?

“Evening in. As a new father my favorite part of the day is coming home and being greeted by the world’s biggest smile from my daughter and getting a big juicy kiss from my wife.”

Gloucester Road or North Street?

“Gloucester Road. In 2014 I got engaged in one of the restaurants there. Priceless memories.”

Sound system or club?

Sound system

Bike or car?


Beer or cider? 

“What kind of a stupid question is that? I’m Brizzle born and bred, so it’s a pint of West Country champagne every time. Now if you had asked me to choose between cider or rum then that would have been mission impossible.”

Coffee or tea? 


Art gallery or street art? 

“Both. I love a good gallery that curates for the many and not the few. I also enjoy immersive art that challenges and inspires with a social message to it.”

Book or iPhone? 

“If this question was graphic novel or iPhone then definitely the graphic novel.”

Summer or winter?


City or Rovers? 

“They’re both crap!”

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