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Starter For 10: Libby Bell

By martin booth, Tuesday Oct 13, 2020

Libby Bell is the vice-captain of Bristol Rovers Women’s Football Club and the manager of Anytime Fitness in Bradley Stoke.

She was one of the top scorers for the Gas Girls last season before their inaugural campaign got null and voided due to the coronavirus pandemic, and scored two goals in the first game of their new season.

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1. Wine or Beer?
Neither. “A spirit or a cider for me.”

2. Car or Bike?

3. Coffee or Tea?
Neither. “I don’t drink hot drinks. Maybe a hot chocolate every couple of months.”

4. Art gallery or Street art?
Street art

5. Book or iPhone?

Here is Libby scoring straight from a corner when the Gas Girls played Chipping Sodbury in the Women’s FA Cup preliminary round:

6. Summer or Winter?

7. Restaurant or Street food?
Street food

8. Evening in or Night out?
Evening in

9. Gloucester Road or North Street?
Gloucester Road

10. City or Rovers?
Rovers. “That’s an easy one!”

Main photo by Martin Booth

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