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Starter for 10: Sam Elliott

By bristol247, Tuesday Jan 30, 2018

Sam Elliott has spent the last decade working for Jamie Oliver, which has involved him travelling up and down the UK opening Jamie’s Italian restaurants and later becoming the company’s chef-director. But the former Backwell School pupil has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. This dream is due to become a reality at the end of February with the opening of Pasture, Sam’s restaurant on Portwall Lane focussing on steaks and local produce, with some added theatrical touches. For more information, visit

Sam is this month’s Starter for 10:

Evening In or Night Out?

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Evening In

City or Countryside?


Bike or Car?

Bike. I will be cycling every day from my home in Long Ashton to the restaurant.

Beer or Cider?


Coffee or Tea?


Art Gallery or Street Art?

Street Art

Magazine or Mobile Phone?

Mobile Phone

Summer or Winter?


City or Rovers?


British or Italian?


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