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Colston Hall name change: what do you think?

By helen west, Thursday Apr 27, 2017

Following the announcement that the Colston Hall is to change its name before reopening in 2020, we spoke to people in St Paul’s for their views on the decision:

Lucinda Hall, 37, self-employed, Bishopston

“I don’t think changing the name of the building will change how people see it. The history of Bristol and the slave trade is part of the city’s history, and how it was established. I don’t think we want to be affiliated with the slave trade, but we should be reminded of history so it doesn’t happen again. Otherwise, everyone will forget about it.”

CJ White, 17, student, city centre

“I’m happy they’ve changed the name. I’ve always known it as Colston Hall, but sometimes change is for the better.”

Lucy Coleman, 22, administrator, Bedminster

“I think it’s great that the name has been changed. It’s such a well-known building. It shouldn’t be associated with the slave trade.”

Maie Feika, 40, volunteer, Barton Hill

“It’s pointless. There are lots of buildings named after Colston in Bristol. I can’t see the point in renaming it, if they aren’t renaming anything else.”

Griff Townsend, 19, administrator, Portishead

“I’m glad they’ve renamed it. There’s far too many places named after a slave trader in Bristol. It will be good to have one less.”

Linda Harrington, 73, retired, St George’s

“I don’t think they should change the name, although I respect people who think differently. History is history, and we’ve got to acknowledge history to keep it from happening again. Keeping the name helps us remember what happened.”

Hussein Jama, 48, unemployed, Easton

“I think the name should stay the same. It’s the original name and we should stick with it.”

Danuta Kellett, 42, mother, city centre

“The name should stay. Good or bad, it’s a relic of the time and a part of Bristol’s heritage. It may be part of the past but we shouldn’t forget it.”

Omer Makessa, 57, self-employed, Easton

“I think it’s a good thing that they’ve changed the name, although I’m not sure it will change anything. It’s been there a while. I understand why people are concerned – it’s not nice for the black community to have it as a constant reminder – but changing a name won’t change how people in the city see each other. It’s an important step, though.”


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