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Former Lib Dem leader backs Ferguson

By bristol247, Tuesday May 3, 2016

A former leader of the Lib Dems has turned his back on his party’s mayoral candidate to support George Ferguson.

Simon Cook, Lib Dem Clifton East councillor who is also a member of Ferguson’s cabinet, penned an open letter warning against a return to “one-party rule” which he argued would come with a victory for Labour’s Marvin Rees.

He said: “I am a Liberal Democrat, and though I am standing down will remain so, and I hope to see a good many of my talented colleagues returned as councillors.

“I also have great respect for Kay Barnard, our Mayoral candidate. But the reality is this contest is between Labour and George as it was last time, with the Tories as a wild card.

“I believe a return to one-party rule would set us back, particularly with the rather confused state Labour seem to be in at the moment.

“But in George, I see someone who although occasionally irascible, impulsive and frustrating, is generally thoughtful, does listen and has an enormous love for this city which he expresses with unfathomable energy.

“He has a widespread knowledge and concern for every community in the city and is also respected and recognized worldwide, which is impressive after such a short time.”

Cook is stepping down from his council seat in May’s election.


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