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What the mayor can and can’t do

By bristol247, Wednesday May 4, 2016

The polls open for the mayoral election in Bristol on Thursday. Politicians have been scrambling for votes with promises, pl;edges and policies for months now.

But what can they actually do once they get in to office? Here are a few myths busted about the powers and limitations of an elected mayor:



The mayor can…

Introduce and take away controlled parking.

Change speed limits.

Invest in traffic management and cycle lanes.

The mayor can’t…

Change trunk roads controlled by Highways England like the M32.

Set public transport fares.

Set public transport timetables.



The mayor can…

Push through compulsory purchase orders to force owners to sell buildings.

Invest in homelessness services.

Build and develop a housing strategy.

The mayor can’t…

Approve or turn down planning applications.

Force private developers to stick to council rules on affordable housing.

Decide on individual licences for bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.



The mayor can…

Set aside investment for regeneration of redevelopment projects.

Put forward proposals for the city’s annual budget.

Reorganise the council’s administration .

The mayor can’t…

Set the final budget – this needs to be voted through by councillors.

Stop funding cuts from central government.

Increase council tax by more than two per cent without a referendum.

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