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Labour on front foot as Mountstevens elected

By louis emanuel, Saturday May 7, 2016

Sue Mountstevens was re-elected as Avon & Somerset’s police and crime commissioner in a vote where Labour dominated in the Bristol area.

Mountstevens beat her Labour rival Kerry Barker after second preference votes were counted from across the region.

But Barker polled more than 45 per cent in Bristol, suggesting that Marvin Rees may have the edge over George Ferguson in the Bristol mayoral vote which will be counted and declared on Saturday.

Following the police commissioner results, Ferguson said the vote “points to a Labour mayor” for Bristol:

Mountsevens picked up 118,547 votes in total, polling strongly in the more rural areas of Avon & Somerset. Barker took 100,565 of all votes cast, mostly due to a strong Labour vote in Bristol.

Bristol City Council said the turnout for the mayoral election was 45 per cent, compared to 28 per cent in 2012.

George Ferguson, right, and Marvin Rees will discover their fate at the Bristol mayoral election count taking place on Saturday afternoon

Turnout at some traditional Labour wards had almost trebled, while turnout also improved in traditional Conservative wards and those where Ferguson had strong support last time around.

John Langley, the former Ukip vice chairman – also known as pornstar Johnny Rockard – effectively conceded defeat in the mayoral election with this message on social media on Saturday morning:


Follow live coverage of the Bristol mayoral election count at from midday on Saturday.

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