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Shop of the Week: Atelier Studio Co

By imogen howse, Friday Mar 6, 2020

Atelier Studio Co is a new, independently-run vintage store in the Clifton Arcade.

Lisa Rimell and her husband Spencer have been passionate about vintage furniture for decades, with Lisa saying: “We both got the antiques bug not long after we got together in the late 90s. It was when we lived just off Portobello Road in London.”

Lisa still cites London as her favourite place to visit for new vintage finds and, whether you’re an antique connoisseur or new to the vintage scene, there’s something to draw everyone inside, with pieces spanning from the Victorian era all the way up to the 1980s.

Pieces date from the Victorian era to the 1980s

Opening Atelier Studio Co was partly a means to free up the pair’s house, which had become completely cluttered with their vintage collection, and partly an exciting way to pursue their passion and showcase their discoveries.

This is proven by the range of people wandering in for a browse, despite the store not being officially open yet. Many show particular interest in the classic Charles Eames lounge chair and ottoman from the 1950s. Lisa admits it’s her favourite piece as well.


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Lisa and Spencer plan to rotate the items as and when they sell so that there’s always something new to discover.

The Charles Eames lounge chair is from the 1950s

In the future, Spencer hopes to expand their vinyl collection and incorporate it into the store, but for now, Lisa says they’re encouraged by the interest that has already been shown and both want to focus on making Atelier Studio Co the best it can be.

Atelier Studio Co, 1a Clifton Arcade, Clifton, BS8 4AA, @atelierstudioco

Main photo by Imogen Howse

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