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Pub of the Week: The Good Intent

By lowie trevena, Friday Mar 6, 2020

Broomhill has recently been found to be Bristol’s most isolated community by the Office for National Statistics. People living in the south east neighbourhood have to go further than anyone else in the city to access schools, GP surgeries, hospitals and shops, and, to further the problem, the area has some of Bristol’s poorest transport links.

But the Good Intent, Broomhill’s main pub, paints a picture of community and togetherness.


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There are blue skies overhead on a recent Friday afternoon visit to this local boozer, and the bar is full. The usual beers and ciders are on tap and the drinks are flowing, and the voice of the lady behind the bar chatting away to customers fills the space, her chirpy tones adding to the spring feel of the day.

Myself and my drinking companion both decide on diet coke, but with a £5 card limit, we treat ourselves to a classic packet of pub crisps each as well.

Taking a seat, conversation flows at the bar and the sun shines through the windows. Despite the area’s limited connections to the rest of the city, the community clearly has well-built and fully formed friendships, making the Good Intent a real must-visit, if not just to experience the atmosphere.

The Good Intent, Broomhill Road, Broomhill, BS4 4SA,  0117 983 0550

All photos by Lowie Trevena

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