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Crowdfunder launched for new bakery, cafe and community hub

By maylis dudouet, Friday Feb 21, 2020

Gary Derham, owner of The Bristol Loaf, hopes to open a second artisan bakery and cafe, following in the success of his first shop in Redfield.

Gary opened his first bakery in Redfield in 2017, which has won awards including the 2018 Bristol Good Food winner for best local bakery for bread and pastries, and the 2018 Crumbs Award for Best Cafe in Bristol and Bath.


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He now wants to collaborate with two Bedminster staples Hugo’s Greengrocer and Zero Green – Bristol’s first zero waste shop – to create a new ethical one-stop community shop. The new space is set to open in April and the trio of independents have launched a Crowdfunder to help raise the £20,000 needed to turn the dream into a reality.

The bakery in Bedminster is currently an empty shell. Photo by Evoke Pictures

The market-cum-bakery-cum cafe on the corner of Philip Street and East Street in Bedminster will have 50 seats and be open from 7 am to 8pm, seven days a week.

The shop will offer a wide range of Hugo’s organic fruit and vegetables sourced from within 15 miles of Bristol, along with a variety of Zero Green’s products – from food items to household and beauty staples – all packaging free and with the highest of eco-credentials.

Already planned for the cafe menu are vegan pastries, Scandinavian sandwiches and Wiper & True beer made out of Bristol Loaf waste products.

An initial sketch for the bakery that is planned. Image from Phoenix Wharf

Local organisations such as the Square Food Foundation, will also be involved with the new Bristol Loaf when it opens, and there will be apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people.

The project has received a grant from the EU Scale Up for Growth program, but needs some extra help to complete the build. It is hoped that the Crowdfunder, which offers a very appealing array of rewards- including a year’s worth of bread and delicious hampers, will raise the final money needed.

“We’re really excited to build something together that truly reflects our values,” says Gary.

Donate to the Crowdfunder at 

Main photo thanks to Evoke Pictures

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