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Bristol brewery changes description of beer following backlash

By martin booth, Tuesday Nov 7, 2017

An under-fire Bristol brewery has bowed to public pressure and removed a controversial description from one of their beers.

Since Fierce & Noble launched in September, the St Werburgh’s brewery whose beers are currently only sold in Cafe Grounded, has been criticised for the description of its Black IPA:

“Dark and creamy with a soft blackberry & citrus aroma, this beer will attempt to clumsily seduce you by complimenting your hair whilst attempting to slip you the tongue”

“Good Lord @fierceandnoble What were you thinking? This is hideously gross,” tweeted @laylasquare. “It reads like the beginning of a bad soft porn film starring a beer can.”

“So gross,” added @CharlieEsq_

Fierce & Noble originally brushed off the criticism:

But almost two months’ later, the description of the Black IPA on their website has been amended:

“We have been aware that this description has caused offence to several people, and this was definitely not our intention,” Fierce & Noble’s Katie Taylor told Bristol24/7.

“Our decision to change it now is also due to wanting to focus more on tasting notes in our descriptions, and therefore we will be changing all descriptions in the near future.”

The branding agency responsible for the description, Temple Gate-based Halo, have also apologised.

“It was meant to be funny. It wasn’t, it was misjudged,” they wrote in a tweet.

“We’ve submitted new copy as of last week for the brand… We’re sorry it caused offence and overshadowed what is great beer made by lovely people.”

The offending description of the Black IPA is still on Halo’s website

Main photo: Fierce & Noble head brewer Ollie Dent (left) with owner Tobie Holbrook (right)

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