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Bristol bartenders launch new syrup company

By martin booth, Thursday Sep 7, 2017

If there is one thing that three Bristol friends set out to do when creating their new syrups for cocktails, it is ensuring that they taste of the flavours on the bottle.

They are proud that the Bristol Syrup Co. raspberry tastes like raspberries as opposed to generic berry, and passionfruit tastes like passionfruit rather than just tropical fruit.

Bristol Syrup Co. has been founded by Danny Walker of Psychopomp gin microdistilery; Red Light bartender and Jinzu creator Dee Davies; and Jem Rogers of Beyond The Bean, whose background is in making syrups for the coffee industry.

Among their bottles are familiar flavours such as demerara, coconut and grenadine, as well as more unusual options such as orgeat, almond flavour brightened with a touch of orange flower and essential for a number of classic cocktails such as the Mai Tai or Infante.

“Syrups go in almost all cocktails,” explains Dee. “It’s going to be great to see just how much better cocktails are going to be, now we have got these quality syrups.”

The trio have spent 18 months developing their initial run of 14 flavours, which has included extensive testing and building their own syrup plant near Ashton Gate stadium.

Acidity, bitterness and vinegar have been used in some of the syrups to make them more than just sweet, with the friends saying that they are perfect for twists on classic cocktails or to add complexity to alcohol-free options.

Dee Davies and Danny Walker bring professional cocktail experience to Bristol Syrup Co.

It’s also impossible to miss Bristol on their branding. “Bristol is so up-and-coming in the cocktail scene,” says Danny, as he and Dee sit down for a chat in his St Michael’s Hill microdistillery.

“Bristolians are proud to be Bristolians and we are proud to be from Bristol. It’s a great city to be part of.”

For more information about Bristol Syrup Co. and to buy their bottles, visit


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