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Monty’s – cafe review

By ella fisher, Tuesday May 9, 2017

Monty’s is the newest cafe in Bristol trying to make its mark using gelato. Proudly named after the area of Bristol it calls home, the cafe has quietly opened in a former shop.

Inside, grey walls, original dark wooden floor boards and granite tables are a background for brightly patterned pillows, hanging plants, and prints from local artist Lucas Antics to stand out.

During the day, there are sandwiches, waffles, crepes, smoothies and their big selling point; gelato in a variety of different flavours.

I tried the tiramisu and coconut scoops which were both £1 each, followed by the banoffee waffle with chocolate hazelnut gelato for £4.99, washed down with a decaf flat white at £2.20.

The tiramisu gelato, on first taste was excellent. It had velvety texture and a great balance of bitter coffee and sweet cream. However, after the gelato had melted I was left with an unpleasant grainy texture on my palette.

The coconut flavour was again very smooth but extremely sweet and slightly artificial, but did like how it had some desiccated coconut through it.

After my gelato, the waffle was cooked promptly and the portion was generous.

The waffle is just one of the sweet treats at Monty’s

One plate could easily be shared between two people. The waffle was delightfully light, crispy and soft. However, the rest was a bit disappointing. I wanted more golden syrup to give that caramel flavour I expect from banoffee and chocolate hazelnut gelato was again grainy and I couldn’t taste any hazelnut. I did get plenty of chocolate chips and cinnamon-dusted bananas though.

I left feeling full but underwhelmed. Over time this café has promise as it serves simple, uncomplicated food done reasonably well. However, it will definitely need to find more to make it stand out from the crowd.

Monty’s, 62 Bath Buildings, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5PU

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