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Bristol Porridge Project: ‘I wanted to sample each delicious bowl’ – cafe review

By esther bancroft, Friday Dec 13, 2019

They say breakfast is the food of kings and at Bristol Porridge Project, customers can eat like royalty.

Owner Adam Sheppard enjoyed some success with his first cafe of the same name, which opened in 2017 behind the Colston Hall. But it was forced to close in June when construction work on the Colston Hall caused a noticeable drop in trade, with the cafe on the corner of Trenchard Street and Lodge Street virtually hidden behind hoardings.

Fortunately, Adam is back behind the counter in a new location on Stokes Croft and already seems at home as part of the bustling area.


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The space is light and airy but with the steam from the coffee machine and the bowls of porridge, the room inevitably becomes warm and cosy.

The menu is written on a chalk board and loyal customers will recognise their favourites which made Adam’s name in the original Bristol Porridge Project cafe.

Adam has refined an infinite number of combination possibilities to just six, and each contend to be the favourite of customers. Alongside the porridge, cakes, treats and some great coffee are served.

The Ultimate Porridge – perfect for a sweet tooth

The steaming bowls arrive, and the toppings are as generous as they are beautiful. You could be forgiven for not wanting to eat for disturbing Adam’s culinary artwork.

The porridge is made with a bain-marie, but the preference for water over milk makes the porridge a little tasteless as the creaminess of a milk-based porridge is missing. Adam knows his stuff, however, and all the limelight is placed on the toppings.

Porridge is the breakfast of kings

Bestseller The Crazy Clifton Combo lives up to its status and is studded with dates, cranberries and cacao nibs. It’s is the most ‘savoury’ of the breakfast options and those indulging in The Ultimate Porridge – a rich mixture of banana, dark chocolate and syrup – should be warned that this bowl is more of a dessert than a breakfast.

It would be easy to justify returning to sample each delicious bowl. Adam provides a great service, and it is clear that he’s very happy to be back. After a brief interruption, Bristol Porridge Project now looks here to stay.

Bristol Porridge Project, 88 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RJ

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