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Box Office Chart: October 9-11 2020

By robin askew, Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

1. Tenet £296,049 (£16,563,616, 7 weeks)

2. Saint Maud £263,433 (new release)

3. Akira £201,124 (new release)

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4. After We Collided £194,277 (£3,574,188, 6 weeks)

5. Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! £184,395 (£715,297, 2 weeks)

6. On the Rocks £75,743 (£235,380, 2 weeks)

7. The Elfkins £52,927 (£209,331, 2 weeks)

8. Bill & Ted Face the Music £47,081 (£1,188,716, 4 weeks)

9. Onward £46,992 (£7,513,511, 32 weeks)

10. Kajillionaire £44,275 (new release)

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Following a slow and steady mini-recovery, UK box office takings slumped by nearly 50% over the weekend after the closure of all Cineworld and Picturehouse cinemas across the country. Tenet topped the chart for the seventh successive week, overtaking Joker‘s six week run at the top last year. Of course, this is an easier achievement when there’s no competition. But despite the doom’n’gloom headlines, and distributors leaving cinemas high and dry by pulling all their big films, the Christopher Nolan mind-bender is actually doing pretty well. Sure, it’ll never catch Dunkirk, which had a much wider appeal. But when the dust has settled, it should end up with much the same in the kitty as Nolan’s earlier Interstellar, which didn’t have a pandemic to contend with. Running Tenet a close second was highest charting new release Saint Maud. The 4K reissue of classic 1980s anime Akira is also doing well in third place, especially when you consider that this one’s enjoying only a limited release.

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