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Creative lockdown: Nicky Ebbage

By lowie trevena, Wednesday Apr 8, 2020

Nicky Ebbage is part of the ongoing Bristol24/7 Creative Lockdown series, showcasing how people in Bristol have been getting arty under lockdown.

Nicky Ebbage, a photographer working across Bristol, has started a new creative project during the lockdown.

Through Your Window documents the coronavirus pandemic through photos and written stories.

Lots of people have been getting in touch with Nicky and telling them their story, and Nicky has then – safely – been taking photos of each person in their window.

“When I stood at my window the other night and clapped for the NHS with the rest of my street, I felt such a strong sense of community and solidarity,” says Nicky. “It was a real morale boost, and it inspired me to think about other ways to bring people together.”

This project was the result.

Nicky takes the photos during their daily exercise walk, stopping for a few moments to take a photo of the individual from outside, such as the doorway, your window, or anywhere else around the home which complies with distancing rules.

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Here's Kate and Dan with today's #selfisolationstory. Kate says: "We are living in some unique times here, and who knows how normal anything is going to be on the other side. I've been trying to keep up a diary so I'll remember what everyday life was like, in case I ever feel like writing a really boring dystopian novel or explaining to some children what all the fuss was about. Since the lockdown began I've missed two weddings, which must be heartbreaking for the couples involved. We'll all be very much up for celebrating by the time they get rescheduled. All the things I'm personally missing most – pub quizzes, gigs, going out for dinner – are things I can learn to live without for a bit, and have in some cases been recreated online with great success. I'm trying to use the extra spare time wisely by relearning Spanish, brushing up on JavaScript, and writing a screenplay about time travel. Along with what seems like at least half of Bristol, at 5:30pm every day I've developed a new interest in running. This is probably just as well considering all the cider I work through in the evenings. I've been messaging various friends, and ringing my parents, more often than usual to see how they're doing, and got some involved in a nightly virtual pub quiz which I hope is keeping everyone's spirits up. The circumstances are forcing everyone to be creative with how they communicate and share things, but it's still happening, and this is what is going to get us all through it." . Dan says: "Considering putting together a Virtual Boardgame night through Skype or some other video chat setup. Am a little unsure of how that is going to work but yet to confirm the date of when it will happen, and am in the final editing stages of my short animation film "What's My Position?". Hopefully I will get the film done this year and so that I can move on with my life and read more books, play more games, watch more films and stay in touch with friends." . Have you been enjoying Through Your Window? Please like and share my posts – and above all submit your story (link in my bio!)

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Nicky is showcasing their work through Instagram, Facebook and on their website.

“I really hope that sharing stories in this way can help bring about a sense of community,” Nicky says. “But if not, perhaps it might just bring someone a smile.”

See more of the series at and follow Nicky on Facebook and Instagram.

To share your work, email with a bit of information about you and how you created your masterpiece.

Main photo: Nicky Ebbage

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