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Creative lockdown: Marco Maldonato

By lowie trevena, Friday Apr 3, 2020

Marco Maldonato is part of the ongoing Bristol24/7 Creative Lockdown series, showcasing how people in Bristol have been getting arty under lockdown.

Horfield-based artist Marco Maldonato has depicted the Watershed, Bristol’s independent harbourside cinema, to “go back to the place I was happiest in Bristol” before lockdown measures came into place.

Marco, who works as an illustrator and storyboarder, graduated from UWE Bristol in 2018 and has worked for Bristol organisations such as SARI.

“I kept having withdrawals of going to the Watershed and watching movies; I used to do that once a week, sometimes twice a week, with friends and by myself,” says Marco. “So I decided to turn the nostalgia into an illustration, as I often do with my feelings. And there you go!”

Watershed replied to Marco’s artwork on Twitter, saying: “Well, this kinda floored us. Our hearts are so full! Just amazing. Thanks Marco.”

“Watching a movie there will be the first thing I do post-quarantine,” says Marco.

Follow Marco on Twitter and Instagram via @marcomaldonato and support his Patreon at

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All images courtesy of Marco Maldonato 

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