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Creative lockdown: Jayde Perkin

By lowie trevena, Monday Apr 6, 2020

Jayde Perkin is part of the ongoing Bristol24/7 Creative Lockdown series, showcasing how people in Bristol have been getting arty under lockdown.

Jayde Perkin, an illustrator living and working in Bristol, has been creating lots of new content during the coronavirus lockdown.

Jayde, whose recent work includes a graphic memoir called I’m Not Ready, illustrating gig posters for Bristol music promoter 1% of One, and creating beer can designs for Gipsy Hill, has turned her hand to helping others feel less alone during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the UK’s lockdown officially began, the artist has started a visual diary, created a poster for Lennarts & De Bruijn’s STAY SANE / STAY SAFE campaign and designed a colouring page for NHS Million.

The coronavirus diary comics began on the Saturday before lockdown and document the changes the pandemic has caused, from the last in-person gym class, where weights were sprayed with Dettol, to wearing the same pair of leggings every day while catching up on reading.

One of Jayde Perkin’s diary comics

In addition to creating relatable and heartwarming comics of her “new normal”, Jayde has been illustrating for organisations working hard to keep Bristol and the rest of the UK safe during the pandemic.

STAY SANE / STAY SAFE is a campaign run by Hague-based Lennarts & De Bruijn, and artists across the globe are collaborating to spread the message of staying home.

“It’s a super amazing project, where they’ve created a whole database of hundreds of unique/beautiful/brilliant posters made by artists and designers,” says Jayde. “All free to download, print, and hang in your window, to show those hard-working lifesavers some love and appreciation.”

NHS Million, a non-profit campaign celebrating the NHS, has also been working with the Bristol illustrator during the pandemic.

Although not an official NHS campaign, it is run by NHS staff, and aims to “create a ‘superteam’ of a million people who will love and cherish the NHS and want to celebrate the everything that’s great about it”, as well as boost staff morale.

Jayde is one of 17 artists who have donated their time to create an NHS-themed colouring in poster.

“Our friends and family have been sending us photos of the artwork they have been putting up in their windows, which has been so cheering to see,” say the organisers of NHS Million. “We know from experience that it can be tough to unwind with all the coronavirus news in the background, and that these art projects can help block it out for a while.

“We thought it was a great time to combine the nation’s love for the NHS with some stay-at-home activities.”

“The NHS really are the glue holding us all together, working hard day and night to keep us safe and healthy,” says Jayde. “I feel very lucky to know that the NHS is there for us.”

All of Jayde’s work can be viewed on her website or via @jaydeperkin on Instagram

To share your work, email with a bit of information about you and how you created your masterpiece.

All images courtesy of Jayde Perkin

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