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Comforting new sculpture appears overnight

By martin booth, Thursday Sep 10, 2020

Even in the darkest gloom, there is always someone out there to help.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, a new sculpture has appeared showing a teddy bear comforting a person in a hoodie who is holding their head in their hands.

The sculpture appeared overnight and caught the attention of pupils at QEH, many of who had to walk underneath it on their way to school on Thursday.

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The two figures are located in a nook overlooking Jacob’s Wells Road, close to the bridge connecting Upper Berkeley Close to West End car park.

It is not the easiest location to reach, with the artist using a metal chain to keep the sculpture in place.

The new sculpture is located in a nook within a flight of stairs towards the top of Jacob’s Wells Road – photo by Martin Booth

The new sculpture appears to be the latest piece by an artist whose works have appeared across Bristol in recent years.

These include a character sporting a string vest and beer belly next to the site where Colston’s statue was famously toppled from its plinth, a bespectacled OAP on Victoria Street, and angels in the Bearpit and outside the BRI.

The sculpture appeared on World Suicide Prevention Day – photo by Martin Booth

Main photo and video by Martin Booth

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