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Capturing responses to the fall of Colston’s statue

By jack fifield and lowie trevena, Thursday Jun 18, 2020

The fall of the Colston statue has divided many across both Bristol and the world.

Photographer Colin Moody is on a mission to capture the views of people across the city following the statue’s removal.

Five large canvas prints will appear around Bristol and Moody is inviting members of the public to write their thoughts about recent events on each one.

The photo being printed is one the photographer has named The Wave as the group depicted reminded him of Hokusai’s famous nineteenth-century print depicting a tsunami, The Great Wave.

Photo: Person writing thoughts on photo of Colston statue being thrown in to harbour

People have been writing their thoughts on the canvases

Moody is encouraging people to write all over the prints, the first of which is currently located at Room 212 on Gloucester Road.

People are invited to write their comments with their own pens while following to social distancing rules. Antibacterial wipes and gel will be available.

The photographer, who lives and works in Bristol, was inspired to make the prints, which are more than two feet long, after witnessing a mother and child talking about the photo when it was hung up in the window of Gloucester Road’s Room 212.

“There have been so many reactions to the toppling of the Edward Colston statue and to this image taken of the moment a wave of people sent him into the water,” says Moody.

Comments so far have been all-positive

Moody adds: “I wanted those thoughts to be marked down in some way so I am inviting people from diverse backgrounds to have a chance to do so. I then hope to put them all on display in the near future.”

All photos by Colin Moody

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