Then There’s Us

Date: Sunday, Sep 8 - Tuesday, Sep 10
Venue: Alma Tavern & Theatre

After losing his mum at the age of four, Jacob has spent his entire life feeling lost and confused about his sexuality with only his ‘alpha male’ Dad around him.

That was until he met Kyle, a good-looking, already out Londoner who joined his school just over two years ago and changed everything.

As we join the piece, Kyle and Jacob have been dating in secret for a number of months, dealing with the daily challenges teenage life throws at you while also dealing with something much bigger…Jacob has yet to ‘come out’.

Then There’s Us explores the varied views different generations have regarding homosexuality, and the impact this has on a young gay couple.

Raw Alchemy Theatre Company was established in 2017 with the aim of creating current and theatrically developed work that carries a deeper meaning for young people.

Sept 8-10, Sun 8 6pm / Mon 9 & Tue 10 7pm, £10. For more info, visit

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By steve wright, Friday, Aug 9 2019

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