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Try five new things in Bristol in 2019

By sophie keywood, Wednesday Oct 2, 2019

Bristol is vibrant, creative, liberal and passionate. There is always something happening, so step out of your comfort zone and appreciate everything Bristol has to offer, you won’t regret it. There are so many exciting things that you can get up to with all the new people you are going to meet.

I have been in Bristol for three years now and there is always something going on. I have created this compilation of some of the impactful and different things that I have been up to as a student in Bristol.

1. Sex Talks Bristol

On the first Thursday of every month at Cafe Kino, different speakers come to Bristol to talk about all things sex; from queer sex, feminism and HIV to sex with learning disabilities and sex work. Get yourself down there for an eye-opening, inspirational evening of sex talks.

2. Watershed 

Watershed is a diverse, creative place with a great cinema. Pop by and see one of their films and immerse yourself in a sea of inspiration.

There’s always something happening at the Watershed. Photo by T Farrow

3. Volunteering

There are so many different charities in Bristol with a variety of aims. There are volunteering opportunities everywhere and sometimes even positions for paid work. If not, attend an event, get informed, get involved, make use of the voice that you have.

4. Feed The Homeless

They are a multi-faith-based community who spend their free time distributing hot meals to the homeless people of Bristol. There are different roles you can fill: the cooks, the walkers and the management team.

Give some of your time back to the community with Feed The Homeless

5. Waterstones events

Waterstones is jam-packed with amazing, inspirational authors all with an important story to tell, so why not meet them and hear their story in person? Recently Gina Martin released her book Be the Change about her fight with the law of upskirting and her activism. Waterstones hosted her visit to Bristol and I went along and was truly inspired by Gina’s story.

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