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New Couples Therapy Training in Bristol

By ann sheldon, Tuesday Nov 1, 2016

Couple relationship counselling is a rewarding and flexible career. Currently Bristol needs more couple counsellors.

A recent survey show Bristol and Weston Super-Mare are UK divorce hotspots but special couple counselling skills are not widely available. Leading trainers, Tavistock Relationships, hope to fill this skills gap by offering their specialised couple counselling training in Bristol. They are offering two courses options to suit either beginners or existing practitioners. These will start in January 2017 and run over two terms. Applications for either course must be completed by November 30 2016 

Couple work is rewarding and stimulating. It’s ideal for people who like to understand the dynamics of relationships and want help people professionally. Many couple therapists originally switch from ‘office’ jobs or have small children and seek a more flexible career. Tavistock offer two courses depending on the student’s level of experience. 

The Introductory course is for beginners with little or no experience. A level of self-awareness, interest and motivation for learning about couples is required. If you are a good listener, enjoy helping others and are interested in a rewarding and flexible career – this could be the course for you. It introduces couple psychotherapy theories – emphasising the psychodynamic approach. Seminars explore stages of life and of relationships. It will provides a basic understanding of therapeutic couple work. 

A second course, Certificate in the Study of the Couple Relationship will run for counsellors and person centred professionals. This covers psychoanalytic theory and technique for adult couple relationships which students can apply to their own clinical material. The course will help qualified adult, child and family therapists build understanding of couple relationships and theory using lectures, theoretical discussions and video presentations.

Details for both courses:

Duration: 18 January 2017–21 June 2017, Wednesday 6pm–9pm

Fee: £980 Venue: Engineers House, Bristol  

Applications for either course must be completed by Nov 30 2016

For course details, application form and a paper about couple work, and state which course you are interested in.

For more details on the Bristol course visit:


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