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Train in Hypnotherapy late Autumn or January

By bristol247, Thursday Nov 12, 2015

Hypnotherapy is a fascinating career with unlimited potential applications for anyone interested in helping or healing others. Hypnotherapy is increasingly popular as an aid to resolve all manner of issues, from achieving goals, such as weight loss and smoking cessation, to overcoming phobias. Hilary Norris Evans at The UK Academy of Hypnotherapy offers sound advice on how to search for your ideal trainer and find the best value course. 

Your success in learning any new skill will depend as much on your teacher as on your ability to learn. Hilary has a background of over 40 years of working in education – so she really knows the importance of teaching to an individual’s strengths. A quick look at the training section of her website, and her new site shows a full prospectus with a detailed breakdown of the varied course content, plus you can see lots of positive feedback from her students over the years. Her energy, enthusiasm, support and inspiration are repeatedly referred to by past trainees – and this ability to inspire is vital to the success of learning – we learn more easily when we enjoy the teaching. 

Hilary demonstrating an induction technique

The best way to check if her, or any other, course is right for you is to speak with your tutor before signing up. Hilary’s number is 07788 771 4892 and she’s confident enough to put anyone in touch with her current students for an honest opinion of the course. Hilary’s goal is, “…to train the next generation of ethical, competent practitioners and develop each student’s unique approach”. Note the word ethical – there are fast track trainings available that barely prepare a would-be hypnotherapist for the clients and challenges they will come to face. 

Surprisingly no formal academic, externally accredited, qualifications are required in order to practice as a hypnotherapist and this means that the training offered is as varied in quality as the individual trainers. This makes it vital to train with a respected organisation to ensure you are fully equipped to practice as a hypnotherapist. In the first instance check your training provider’s accreditations are professionally valid and widely accepted. The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD) is accredited by an impressive list of organisations including the NCH, NCFE, CNHC, NCHP and the Open University and is accepted as the gold standard in the hypnotherapy world. Hilary’s next course begins in January 2016. For more information go to:


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