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A new way to dance in the dark

By guy rawson, Thursday Dec 13, 2018

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Darkness retreats have been used in many ancient wisdom traditions from Ancient Greek temples, to Shamanism and Buddhism. Currently, research on using darkness as a therapy is being done in the Czech Republic and Germany.

Suta has explored the world of personal development for 30 years, especially meditation, Tantra, dance, movement, and bodywork. He believes nothing brings people ‘Home’ as deeply as a Dark Retreat. He explains why people pay for the privilege of being kept in the dark for a day, a weekend or longer.

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During the Darkness Experience, people spend 24 hours in rest, meditation, dancing, eating & sleeping without seeing! The Darkness effect is created by special blindfolds designed to be worn comfortably for extended periods. They allow eyes to stay open ‘in darkness’ so people can experience Darkness in many locations, even outdoors.

In Darkness people rest, meditate, dance, dress, eat and sleep, all without seeing. The longer the time spent in Darkness the deeper the effect, it takes people out of daily routines, habits and demands, and reorients them to a world without images; opening up a sense of Inner Space.

At the Darkness Experience Buddhist, Sufi, Tantra and Osho meditations are taught alongside simple breathing techniques. Relaxing music is played and games build intuition and group bonding. Individuals can always opt to enjoy unstructured ‘open space’ for rest and sleep, or whatever feels most nourishing to them at the moment.

The Darkness Experience emphasis is on deep inner connection but interaction with others can be an important part of the retreat. Conversation, laughter and silence take on a new resonance as hearing and feeling become more alive. Trust builds, along with a natural sense of camaraderie and intimacy in the group.

Being without sight means people have to really S-L-O-W D-O-W-N. People become more mindful of their inner and outer experiences. The shift of attention – from the external world of light, colour, and forms to a sense of wonder at the space inside creates a deep and calming reconnection with oneself.

Future Dark Retreats in 2019

January 25-27   Darkness Experience at Poulstone Court near Hereford

February 13-17  Tantra in the Dark at Earth Spirit near Glastonbury

March 8-10   Darkness Experience at Earth Spirit near Glastonbury

March 13-17  Darkness Process at Earth Spirit near Glastonbury

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