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Take five in Organic September

By ann sheldon, Monday Sep 5, 2016

Try organic this September as Bristol retailers such as Better Food, Wild Oats, Harvest and offer month long deals on organic products. This is your chance to suck that organic lemon and see. This can mean schlepping across town to buy organic – instead of going to your local convenience store, but the benefits begin with fuller flavours and end with good health. Organic crops have up to 60% more antioxidants than conventionally grown ones.  

Organic foods may be a bit more expensive – but they benefit birds and bees and guarantee high welfare standards. A switch to organic bacon or pork allows more pigs to roam free, keep their curly tail and stay with their sow for longer. Organic eggs production gives chickens access to grassland and they avoid painful beak trimming. Organic farms are havens for wildlife, with more species of birds, bees, butterflies and wildflowers than non-organic farms. 

Is there a simple way you can ‘Organic’ your September by making a small change in daily shopping habits? Together, each of these small changes can make a big difference for generations to come.   

Take 5 in Organic September 

1.       Switch to organic milk for higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and a healthy dose of omega 3 oils. 

2.       Eat less, but better, organic meat. Organic animals enjoy the highest welfare standards of any farmed animals. They are fed a GM free diet and graze on organic pasture where pesticides are severely restricted.


3.       Try organic beauty products. This helps avoid chemical smells and you can feel the difference on your skin. 

4.      Sign up for an organic veg box scheme so you buy local and don’t have to travel across town to get your organic goodies. Plus organic farms support 50% more wildlife than non-organic farms. 

5.     Try organic tea or coffee grown without artificial pesticides and fertilisers. 

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