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Why I should be mayor: Tony Britt

By bristol247, Thursday Apr 7, 2016

I realize that George Ferguson and Marvin Rees are favourites for the Mayor campaign and I am just little David against two Goliaths, but I have faith in my Lord and also in you, Bristolians, that care for your children’s future.

Why would you allow rich Labour to privatize your children’s education? We know from history that Labour gave away school playing fields when MP’s ran the city.

Why would you let George Ferguson sell Bristol as he has done for the last three and a half years? I would love to try to protect all council property all over the city. If central government says we have to sell, I would like to have a plan B in place.

It is ironic that the banks went bust, but now they own our schools and hospitals. You can tell whose hands our MPs are really shaking. It is important to keep Bristol in independent hands because local parties such as rich Labour, run by central government, will influence the city from London.

That is why it’s imperative to keep Bristol in local hands. I regret saying this, but I’d rather see George win than a political party.

The first thing I would do is start a legacy pot for the future of our children. I would guarantee that there will always be money for Bristolian children’s education and security. I find it appalling that we allow our young adults to start off in their work career with massive debt.

The bible teaches us that we don’t throw stones at our children to say that we love them. Did you know: there are the same amount of people living in Iceland as there are in Bristol. They have set up a legacy pot for the health, education & housing for their future security. Also did you know Sweden has a similar scheme as well.

There are also different schemes around the world where they use their natural resources to pay for their future. History teaches us that when they transferred from coal to oil, the people with the money who invested in coal dragged their feet changing to oil.

The world leaders today are controlled by the oil and gas companies. I believe there is enough technology today for this city to use its own natural energy and history to raise enough funds for the future of our children’s education. I.e. this city could use wind, solar panels , plus we have rivers that run through the city.

I have an idea that I would like to give to Bristol colleges letting our young adults play with it and design it. My idea is using the weights of the seven hills of Bristol to produce green energy for the city’s future. Without giving too much away, the idea originated from looking at a grandfather clock.

Also with money that is raised through the legacy pot, I would like to secure a future to those that are vulnerable. As the government tightens it’s purse I would like to secure worthy causes in all communities.

We could come up with a Plan B to secure public housing. For example, we could take 30 council properties – amongst them could be a building supported by the rent of the council properties. In that building you could run projects that are needed there. Turn it into a community business whose purpose is to serve the community only.

I would also like to champion both parents to have an influence in their children’s upbringing. David Cameron came up with a policy for both parents to have equal say.

Having first hand experience, I have found that the system does not take both parents’ points of view. It’s been an uphill struggle to send Xmas, birthday presents or even cards to my daughter.

You are always left wondering. I saw a documentary on television where dads from prison are encouraged to be just that – fathers. Our government is being encouraged to influence dads in prison to be family fathers so that they don’t become future criminals.

I would like to campaign to the Government so that they petition the family courts for both parents to have influence in their children’s upbringing.

If I became Mayor I would change the council tax scheme so that it is fair for everyone. I would call it “Good Neighbour, New Neighbour”, encourage new people that move in to Bristol to be Bristolians.

I would reward people for recycling their refuse, support volunteers & also disabled people being disabled myself. I would like to champion cancer research having had cancer myself. Also, I would provide more free parking facilities for the people that work for our Bristol hospitals. I made this promise to the specialist who cut the cancer from my chest.

The motto of those in power: “through disorder we gain order” – I wonder how that relates to the modern day. Do we care enough for our children’s future?

Tony Britt is an independent candidate in the Bristol mayoral elections.

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