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‘Hidayah has an impact on the Bristol LGBTQ+ scene because it offers an alternative’

By farina, Monday Feb 3, 2020

Previously, the queer space in Bristol was predominantly white and cisgendered which wasn’t representative of every one the LGBTQ+ community. However, the queer community recently has come on leaps and bounds thanks to groups such as Kiki and Wig in a Box Promotions who work tirelessly to create an inclusive queer space that very much consider the “others”.

Being a queer person in Bristol today means I have options of where to go to see performances, meet other queer and transgender people of colour and not rely on the mainstream scene which can be isolating and unwelcoming.


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Events are much easier to find and the scene is easier to navigate because the community support is evident by artists and people supporting and lifting one another.

Hidayah in particular has a different impact on the Bristol LGBTQ+ scene because it offers an alternative. Hidayah offers a safe space that isn’t centred around going out in a pub or bar or out on an evening.

Hidayah at Bristol Pride 2019. Photo by Jack Joseph

It’s important to recognise that meeting other people in surroundings that don’t serve alcohol are just as important for our members but for sober LGBTQ+ people as well.

I am proud to be a member of the Bristol LGBTQ+ scene, both as a participant as well as having a hand in offering alternatives.

Farina is a national community outreach volunteer with Hidayah and leader of the organisation’s Bristol branch.

Main photo thanks to Farina.

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