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Student’s charity survey is shaping Better Bristol

By bristol247, Wednesday May 29, 2019

I’m Georgina, a student at Bristol University studying Sociology. Over the past few months, I have been working with the team at Bristol24/7 to gather data for their Better Bristol initiative.

As part of this exciting internship I have put together a short survey for local charities and community groups.

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Almost 50 charities across Bristol have already taken the survey, but we need many more if we are to really get a true understanding of how Better Bristol can make a real difference for people in the city.

Complete the charity survey and help identify the gaps

The early results of this survey show that integration within the community is the most significant issue, with 38% of charities highlighting it as one of the biggest gaps they face in terms of providing opportunities for their beneficiaries.

Education and employment opportunities and the opportunity to tell their stories are also areas where charities felt more could be done for the people they support. These are key priorities for Better Bristol and the business members who support the initiative are responding by setting up a scheme to give young people in Bristol access to employment opportunities, working with local groups such as Babbasa.

Some of the findings so far correlate with local research including The Runnymede Report (2017) that shows issues with integration are related to the lack of opportunities within certain areas.

I have therefore set up the survey to identify the location of each person and organisation. This is so I can see if there is a correlation between a particular problem and the location it is within.

In order to find out how Better Bristol can help fill these gaps I have included a space in the survey for charities to tell me three areas where their organisation would benefit from extra support.

This has so far shown that fundraising, marketing and PR are three areas where charities would benefit from the most support, with a large amount of respondents saying they could benefit from spaces to hold events.

Bristol24/7 is responding to these findings. They have set up a free marketing scheme for charities in Bristol and are looking into ways they can help with event space. Charities can apply and each quarter one charity is awarded £2k worth of free support. Charities such as The Marmalade Trust have already benefited from this scheme, who received free marketing for their #NotAlone campaign.

To apply simply email with a few sentences on what your charity does, what message you’d like to share and how you and your beneficiaries will benefit from the support.

In order to make a real difference the information I collect will need to represent all charities and community groups within Bristol. If you are a person living within Bristol or involved with a community group or charity please take five minutes to fill out this survey and help make a Better Bristol.

Complete the charity survey and help identify the gaps

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