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Starter for 10: Chris Williams

By andy probert, Tuesday Jul 12, 2016

Chris Williams worked for a design agency in London before moving to Bristol with his partner and two young children to open No. 12 Easton. His second café and deli, No. 25a Old Market, is due to open as early as the end of this month.


North or South? 

Car or Bicycle?
    Both, I’ve got an electric van and a bike so I’m living the dream.

Evening out or Netflix and Chill?
    Netflix and Chill

Beer or Cider? 

Coffee or Tea? 

Easton or Old Market?
    Both. They’re both kindred spirits, the sorts of places I feel comfortable in.

Art gallery or Street art?
    Street art

Newspaper or magazine?

Television or Radio? 

Early morning or late night?
    Early morning

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