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Starter for 10: Dr Nathalie Pettorelli

By bristol247, Monday Jul 10, 2017

Dr Pettorelli is a research fellow at the Institute of Zoolology and one of the founders of Soapbox Science, a platform for promoting the work of female scientists to the wider world that will come to Broadmead on July 15 2017. Anyone can participate and engage with the conversation, transforming public spaces into areas for scientific debate.

“We’re returning to Bristol for the third year, with a broad range of women who work in scientific fields in the Bristol area,” Dr Pettorelli explains. “They come from a vast array of disciplines and will be talking about all sorts, from robotics to superbugs. We do a lot of work to make it engaging – we want it to be more of a chat than a lecture.”

Dr Pettorelli is this month’s Starter for 10:

North or south?


Tea or coffee?


Night out or evening in?

Night out

Magazine or iPhone?


Arts or science?

“They are the same thing! They are both about creativity and curiosity.”

Summer or winter?

“Definitely summer. I’ve lived in Canada and Norway!”

Street art or art gallery?

Street art

Expert speaker or Speaker’s Corner?

Speaker’s Corner

Early morning or late night?

Late night

Accidental discovery or careful research?

Accidental discovery


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