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My Bristol Favourites: Saskia Griffiths-Moore

By martin booth, Saturday Aug 8, 2020

Saskia Griffiths-Moore is performing concerts in Bristol care homes next week to celebrate the release of her new album Are You Listening and to provide music for people who have been isolated during lockdown.

Are You Listening has been described as a “completely old school acoustic album” by Folk Radio UK, and as “Inspirational” by RnR Magazine

The Bristol concerts are closed to the public but you can follow them online through Saskia’s website,, or on her social media channels.

“My entire musical journey started in Bristol,” said Saskia.

“So my favourite places and fondest memories are of the haunts where I could spend long hours reading, drinking fine coffee and staring up at the stars thinking about life.”

These are Saskia’s top-five Bristol favourites:

St Andrew’s Park

“To me there is something magical about this oddly shaped, slanted park. Because of the shape, you get beautiful views over the city which at night seems to glow underneath the stars. In the daytime, if you go in the summer, there’s a stand in the middle of the park which can serve you a perfect cup of tea and a slice of cake to take back to a picnic blanket.”

St Werburgh’s City Farm Cafe

“Is it a hobbit house? Is it the inside of a tree? Either way this family-friendly cafe uses seasonal veg from the local allotments, and supports a host of Bristol-based initiatives for families and farming. I don’t have kids to enjoy the farm and the play area with, but I would go there any day for a solid healthy breakfast, and the wild feeling of being inside a magical treehouse.”

The Bristol Fringe

“The special thing about this pub is their function room. They run jazz nights there among other things, and starting up musicians will hire the back room for intimate performances, as I did at least three times. The whole place has a relaxed vibe, and it being strolling distance to the Clifton Suspension Bridge makes it a very pleasant spot for an evening on the town.”

Cafe Kino

“Cafe Kino on Stokes Croft gets a mention on my list entirely on the strength of their curly fries. If you know, you know. I personally also appreciated the long open hours, the fact that at any time I felt welcome to walk in, order up a Kino burger, and read and write without the staff giving me the evil eye to either spend more money or get out. Also worth noting it’s entirely vegan and run as a cooperative.”

Little Victories

“You may have gathered from this list that I love a cafe, and there is nowhere more chill, for a nicer cup of coffee or cheeky glass of wine than Little Vics in Wapping Wharf. Sit outside, grab a blanket from the Swedish-style-pile, and feel the sun go down at the end of a long day, it’s sure to wash it all away. Not to mention that in the morning they get their pastries and bread from Hart’s Bakery, and you just can’t get better if you tried.”

Main photo by Aga Tomaszek

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