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My Bristol Favourites: Paul Deane

By lowie trevena, Sunday Aug 23, 2020

Paul Deane is producer of CBeebies show Andy’s Dino Toybox, with the entire 15-episode new series filmed during lockdown from his home in Bristol.

Tapes, equipment and figurines were all biked over to Paul, and production all took place within a one mile radius of his house.

Andy’s Dino Toybox airs on August 24 on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

These are Paul’s top-five Bristol favourites:

The turnfly at Greville Smyth Park

Greville Smyth Park – photo by Martin Booth

“As a parent, I think I know most of Bristol’s play parks, but I always looked forward to a trip to Greville Smyth. I guess the council realised that parents are just big kids at heart.”

The Hen & Chicken

Comedy Box, usually at the Hen & Chicken, is currently at Lakota Gardens in St Paul’s – photo by Martin Booth

“My wife and I love a comedy night out. We used to go to Jesters back in the day, but now it’s mostly the Hen & Chicken on North Street. The highlight was going to a standard Friday night, only for Rhod Gilbert to turn up to try out new material for an hour. Felt sorry for the poor headline act who had to follow him.”

Chilli Daddy

Chilli Daddy started as a street food stall before opening in St Nick’s Market, Baldwin Street (above) and Queen’s Road – photo by Martin Booth

“I love spicy noodles. I hate waiting for food. So it’s Chilli Daddy every time. Except for Falafel Friday at Falafel King…”

A secret pump track

The Brunel Way pump track – photo by Martin Booth

“My BMX days may be long gone, but I pass a secret pump track regularly, hidden in plain sight. Well played, BMX’ers of Bristol, well played!”

The Wave

“I grew up on the west coast of Ireland and spent much of my 20s in my van driving to the Gower, Devon and Cornwall. Now I just need to pop up to The Wave in Easter Compton to get my surfing fix.”

Main photo: BBC

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