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My Bristol Favourites: Rediat Abayneh

By bristol247, Sunday Aug 20, 2017

Rediat Abayneh reached the UK in 2010 after fleeing religious persecution in Eritrea, staying in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais and being jailed for trying to stowaway in a lorry.

The 24-year-old animator is one of dozens of young filmmakers from Bristol and beyond whose short films – made with support from Calling The Shots for the Channel 4 strand Random Acts – feature in the Playback exhibition at the Arnolfini until August 28 as part of a nationwide tour.

Rediat, who grew up in Addis Ababa, said that she made 25 Days of My Life “to show British young people to appreciate what they have”:

Here are Rediat’s Bristol favourites:

Brandon Hill

“Even though I had a really bad experience there a couple of years ago, Brandon Hill is still my number one favourite place in Bristol. Me and my friend decided to ran down the park on the slope grasses and somehow I managed to break five bones on my foot. I ended up with crutches for few months but I still find the way it happened very funny, so every time I go there it puts a smile on my face.”


The Watershed is like my second home. I love everything about this place. Good food, amazing wifi, friendly staff and you get to meet lots of creative people. I do my work most of the time in here and I watch a movie in the cinema after.”

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre

“It is my favourite swimming pool in the world! It’s really big, warm and, most of all, super clean. There are other swimming places near my house which are also cheaper but Hengrove Park Leisure Centre is worth all the money and the time.”

St Mary Redcliffe Church

“This is only five minutes walking distance from where I live. For Sunday worship I usually go to Pentecostal churches but when I want to have a prayer by myself, St Mary Redcliffe is my favourite place to be in.”

The Natural Health Clinic

“I love The Natural Health Clinic on Cotham Hill because it is where I experienced acupuncture for the first time. It is a very relaxing environment with the kindest acupuncturist. And I love the way they charge for their services. You get to choose how much you can pay from their minimum to maximum prices for the same hours.”


All photos of Rediat’s choices by Charlie Gearon

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