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My Bristol Favourites: Ann Kennard

By bristol247, Saturday Jun 17, 2017

Ann Kennard is chair of Bristol-Hannover Council, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. BHC was founded as a result of an appeal for shoes for the children of Hannover, who were unable to go to school in the harsh winter of 1947. Since then many groups of Bristol and Hannover citizens have exchanged with each other and many friendships have been made.

On June 23, a free event at Bristol Zoo celebrating the 70th twinning anniversaries between Bristol and both Hannover and Bordeaux. For more information, visit

Here are Ann’s top-five Bristol favourites:

Cotham Gardens

“I often go through Cotham Gardens and see the little seating area there which has inlays of all Bristol’s twin cities as at 1996 (so Guangzhou isn’t there). I’ve always loved travelling and here you can see how many miles it is to Hannover (850km as the crow flies) and if you continue on in the same direction, you reach Tbilisi, our beautiful Georgian twin city, over 3,000km away. Bordeaux is there too, with which we are also celebrating this year, but that’s in a different direction – a bit further than Hannover, and time to have a glass of lovely French wine!”

Bristol harbourside

“Bristol harbourside makes me think of travelling again, this time by sea, with the ss Great Britain and the Matthew having become part of the lovely watery part of Bristol. But here also we can enjoy the memories of the twinnings. Bordeaux Quay was first, then came Hannover Quay, named on the 50th anniversary of the twinning between Bristol and Hannover, and then in 2009 the final extension of the quay was named Porto Quay after Bristol’s Portuguese twin city. The harbourside is also home to the Watershed with its regular showings of films from all over the world.”

Clifton Suspension Bridge

“What an iconic, internationally recognisable part of Bristol! And it spans the River Avon, which flows into the River Severn and out into the Atlantic and the world. Nearby are the Downs, a wonderful common space for everyone in Bristol to walk, play and meet up with each other.”

Tobacco Factory

“The Tobacco Factory Theatre with its unconventional programme, as well as the nationally recognised Shakespeare Season, is the epitome of Bristol’s lively, wacky cultural scene for me. The Tobacco Factory is also the centre of Upfest, the street art festival which attracts artists from all over, including Bristol’s twin cities.”

St George’s

“I love music and sing in UWE’s choir. I am untrained and I don’t play an instrument, but I just love to go to St George’s, a jewel in Bristol’s crown, where you can hear the most fabulous music of all kinds from all over the world, both professional and amateur. St George’s staged a great musical, Musik for Shoes, in 1997 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bristol’s link with Hannover. Acted by children, it was a great hit both in Bristol and Hannover!”

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