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Window Wanderland needs your help

By jessica cook, Monday Jul 11, 2016

Bristol’s Window Wanderland, a community art project where residents come together to decorate their gardens and windows, is in the running to secure £25,000 of funding as part of One Family Foundation’s Community Awards

More than 300 people have voted for the project so far, with supporters able to vote until July 20.

The project which receives the most votes in its category will be awarded the grant, which would help go towards the cost of everything from volunteers to marketing.  





Created by stay-at-home-mum and self-confessed ‘nosy parker’ Lucy Reeves Khan in 2015, Window Wanderland was developed with the idea of helping people feel connected to each other within their own neighbourhoods through the simple act of creatively decorating their windows and gardens.

The idea was inspired by Lucy’s own penchant for looking into houses with open curtains. The result is a hyper-local community art project with residents of all ages having curated the window ‘exhibitions’.


This year’s Window Wanderland took place in February in various areas across Bristol including Southville, Ashton, Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Victoria Park, Bishopston and Fishponds. In Bishopston the event involved more than 200 houses spread across 55 roads. 

While the majority of the activity was focused on Bristol, Window Wanderland displays were also held across the country as far afield as Harrogate and Bedford. 

From a LEGO winter wonderland to a Dalek on the beach, this community art project helped add a little warmth to a cold Bristol winter.

Voting could ensure the project goes ahead next year so pay a visit to


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