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Telling more vital stories from across Bristol

By bristol247, Friday May 15, 2020

Bristol24/7 will be able to tell even more stories from across the city thanks to new funding.

At this extraordinary time, the need for content that serves and connects the city has never been more important.

Funding from Philip Morris Limited will allow us to report from within communities across the city whose voices are often unheard.

We will be recruiting a small team of freelance journalists employed as hyper-local reporters. This will enable us to reach out to traditionally underrepresented communities and tell their stories, helping isolated and vulnerable people stay connected and able to access important information.

Digital segmentation and community outreach expertise will help Bristol24/7 focus our activities on areas and demographics where we have least engagement and where we can have most impact.

The funding – which comes with no strings attached; Philip Morris will not direct nor influence our coverage – will also enable Bristol24/7 to conduct an extensive city-wide survey to establish and report on how people are accessing news, information and support during the crisis.

This new initiative will help complete the transformation of Bristol24/7 into a vital, accessible community hub for the whole of our city, including its least privileged and most dislocated citizens.

Main photo: Martin Booth

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