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Inspiring the next generation of chefs

By bristol247, Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

Following the launch of EatDrink24/7, Bristol’s first truly independent food and drink guide, we are embarking on a new project to inspire the next generation of culinary wizards in Bristol.

Working in partnership with Square Food Foundation, Bristol24/7 is on the lookout for a team of 12 young people aged 16 – 25, with creative flare, an interest in food or simply enthusiasm for a new challenge.

The young people will take part in two day-long workshops in early November, led by award-winning food educator, Barny Haughton.

The next phase of the programme will be to take part in the preparation and delivery of Bristol24/7’s Autumn Feast on November 16, with up to 150 guests present for a very special night of food. All 12 young people will walk away with a certificate of achievement.

During the programme, the young people will also get the chance to meet some of Bristol’s star chefs that featured in the EatDrink24/7 panel. The chefs will be on the lookout for new talent, with exciting opportunities and apprenticeships available at some of the city’s best foodie hot spots.

Over the next few months, Bristol24/7’s Partnerships Manager Caragh Jones will be talking to youth groups, community centres, schools and charities to source the team of 12 young people.

Key dates

  • October 18: two hour taster sesion
  • November 7 & 8: two day-long workshops
  • November 16: Bristol24/7 Autumn Feast

To get involved or find out more, contact Caragh Jones:

A word from the chef, Barny Haughton 

“If you ask any Bristol head chef what they want more than anything else the answer will be a driven, passionate and willing-to-learn young chef.

“The Bristol24/7 Autumn Feast is going to be a unique culinary experience for both kitchen and guests. It will show what can happen in three days with good raw ingredients – both people and food – and by allowing, with a little imagination and guidance, the great produce of this city and region to shine.

“We hope to create not just a feast but, through the alchemy of the moment, the stage and all of you who come to this event, a memorable and life-affirming food experience.

“I write this knowing that the food scene in Bristol is very much at the heart of what gives this city its image as a game changer; authentic, pioneering, ideological, socially aware and hugely diverse and creative. Bristol24/7 has the measure of this heart and Square Food Foundation is proud to be supporting its work.

“We are also excited to be taking part in this event alongside Carol Peace whose work, without flourish or contrivance, reaches our own experience of humanity.”

Tickets for the Autumn Feast are now on sale.

A big thanks to our key sponsors Jongor and Infiniti.

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