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First look of Watershed’s new building

By lowie trevena, Friday Dec 6, 2019

At the end of 2018, Watershed announced plans to expand their building to meet growth in demand.

They have now revealed that work is set to begin in 2020. The organisation will take over what is currently the tourist information office next to the main entrance, which will create a ground floor cafe and deli and a fourth cinema screen.

The work will also include a new ramped entrance with powered doors and a complete redesign of the first floor toilets, including gender neutral cubicles, a dedicated baby changing area and increased provision for disabled customers.


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Watershed have been working with Child + Sulzmann Architects over the past year and have been using public feedback and the opinions of funders and planners to shape the designs for the new space.

Watershed is also planning a six-storey extension

“We are so excited to share a first look at our downstairs plan,” says Watershed’s CEO, Clare Reddington.

“The growing demand for cultural cinema is a key driver of the first phase of our capital expansion – over the past 20 years, our audiences have doubled, as has the range and diversity of our cultural cinema programme – we showed films produced in over 60 countries last year.

“Adding a fourth screen will significantly increase choice and enable us to better meet audience demand without reducing our commitment to programme diversity.”

Images thanks to Child + Sulzmann Architects

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