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Anti-Johnson protest: ‘The fight doesn’t end here’

By esther bancroft, Friday Dec 13, 2019

On the morning following the General Election, in which the Conservative party won a majority, University of Bristol students gathered at College Green to protest against the results.

The protest was headed by Jacob Blewett who  said the demonstration was a “fight against marginalisation and oppression”.

University of Bristol students protest the election result

A crowd gathered as students took it in turns to make speeches – many of whom had been canvassing for Labour the night before. They expressed devastation, but amidst the anger the overall message was one of solidarity as they quoted verses of Maya Angelou’s poem of defiance, Still I Rise.

Carly Roberts, a Labour campaigner, also addressed the students. “Your generation are not being duped by the media,” she said. “Your generation voted red and voted with your hearts”.

Armed with banners, the protesters finished the demonstration with a march up Park Street, stopping traffic and responding to the blaring of horns with their political chants.

Student Alex Brindle said the group needed to be proud for “doing everything to keep the fabric of our society together”.

“It doesn’t end here,” he said. “It doesn’t end with the canvassing you did last night. Keep the fight up, let’s keep moving forward.”

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