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Bristol remains red as Tory tide sweeps UK

By martin booth, Friday Dec 13, 2019

Bristol has four Labour MPs again, but their party looks markedly different after the 2019 General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not lead Labour into the next election, following a “very disappointing night” with his party’s worst result in decades.

But in Bristol, the picture was less gloomy – especially in Bristol North West which saw Darren Jones win 48.9 per cent of the vote to retain his seat in the closest fight of the night.

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In Bristol West, the Green share of the vote went up by 12 per cent from 2017 but Thangam Debbonaire still regained the seat with 47,028 votes (a vote share of 62.3 per cent).

The first Bristol result of the evening was Bristol South where Karin Smyth retained her seat with 27,895 votes (50.5 per cent) followed by Bristol East where Kerry McCarthy won 27,717 votes (53.1 per cent).

Bristol mayor Marvin Rees called the city “a little island of political hope”.

He said: “So let’s hold onto that and not get sucked into the vortex as (the Conservatives) drive through policies that I think would not support the environment or the majority of people in our society.”

Rees hopes that Bristol continues to represent a unique set of values and says that Corbyn still has his full support.

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