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Ambitious scheme aims to plant 250,000 trees by 2030

By lowie trevena, Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

The Committee on Climate Change says 1.5bn trees need to be planted by 2050 in order for the UK to achieve its net-zero carbon target.

An ambitious new campaign hopes to support this initiative by planting 250,000 trees in Bristol by 2030. One Tree Per Employee, which launches in December 2019, will encourage city businesses to plant one tree per worker.

The new campaign kicks off in time for Christmas, with the aim of encouraging Bristol’s businesses to buy trees for the 250,000 employees in the city as presents.


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One Tree Per Employee is the first campaign to be delivered under the banner of Replant Bristol, a group comprising the Forest of Avon Trust, Bristol City Council, the Bristol Tree Forum, and the Woodland Trust.

The group builds on the success of the One Tree Per Child scheme which has seen 58,000 trees planted since 2014 – and 6,000 trees continue to be planted annually through the programme.

The ambitious scheme builds on the One Tree Per Child programme

“Trees are key to us tackling air pollution and fighting climate change,” says mayor Marvin Rees. “We’re calling on Bristol businesses great and small to get involved in the project this Christmas and help us achieve our bold ambition of planting a quarter of a million trees by 2030.”

In addition to pioneering the One Tree Per Employee scheme, Replant Bristol will let people from Bristol to adopt, plant or sponsor a tree, become Tree Champions, take part in volunteering opportunities and sign a tree charter.

“Trees add colour and life to our urban spaces, improving health and wellbeing while creating natural wildlife corridors and reducing pollution,” says deputy mayor Asher Craig.

“We want Bristol’s fantastic businesses, whether they employ one person or one thousand, to collaborate with us to help shape our beautiful green city. Imagine what it will look like if we all work together.”

Bristol businesses can get involved by going to 

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