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12 stories by young people in Bristol

By bristol247, Thursday Jul 27, 2017

As Rife Magazine‘s funding is slashed as part of Bristol City Council’s cost-cutting measures, we celebrate some of their most exciting content from the past three years.

All of Rife’s content is created by young people aged 13-24 from all sorts of backgrounds, for other young people across the city.

  1. the itch – a spoken word series featuring young poets

2. Being in an Interracial Relationship – a first-person essay by Euella Jackson

3. Chasing Borders – a documentary about refugees, filmed and produced by a crew of young people

4. Defying Anxiety – a frank examination of what it’s like to live with anxiety by Fardusi Jahan

5. Suicide in Young Men – an examination of the biggest killer of males and where to get support in Bristol, by Tom Barker

6. The Refugee Women of Bristol – stories and illustrations by Jasmine Thompson

7. Losing a Parent – a searingly honest essay by Zoe Long

8. The Time I Lived in a Van – an upbeat account of van life and alternative housing options by Tom Greenslade

9. Crisis and Hope – a documentary about Bristol’s homelessness issue by young filmmaker Owain Astles

10. A Vegan Vlog Adventure – two former Rife content creators, Jon Aitken and Aisha Sanyang-Meek, eat their way around Bristol

11. Why Drag Queens need Big Cities – an examination of drag culture by Richard Peake

12. Music and Meds – a starkly honest account of a year with depression, suicidal thoughts and music, by Sammy Jones


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