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12 Communities 1 Bristol: Barton Hill

By bristol247, Thursday Sep 17, 2020

Thanks to funding from our community reporter scheme, Bristol24/7 has teamed up with our friends at BCfm to present a new oral history podcast, 12 Communities 1 Bristol.

In the first of a dozen weekly episodes, presented by Marcus Smith and made by him and people from within the communities featured, stories include Saada from Somalia talking about finding her home with help from the Barton Hill Settlement.

Then Reg tells us about the old public baths and shares his memories of living in the area during World War Two.

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We also hear from Johnny Britton about the importance of Barton Hill to the burgeoning British punk scene of the 1970s and learn about the Barton Hill Tenants Club during the 1980s and 1990s.

To finish, Betty, who has lived in Barton Hill for most of her life, is interviewed by children from a local primary school.

Contributors: Mandy Brooman, Thomas Brooman and Sam Sayer. Sound: Jake Gaule. Music: Wilfred de Salis. Graphic: Ruth Harris

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