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Shop of the Week: Bloop

By nat schaefer, Thursday Nov 21, 2019

Bloop in Totterdown is a new zero-waste shop specialising in toiletries and cleaning products.

Customers can bring in their own containers to fill or buy other plastic-free products for their homes, ranging from toothbrushes to scrubbing pads.


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The shop was founded in October 2019 by Jayne Rutland, who previously worked in creating natural hair care products. She opened Bloop after her customers started asking her if she could make her products refillable.

Plastic-free shopping is an increasingly talked about topic, thanks to shows like Blue Planet bringing plastic pollution into people’s homes.

Bloop sells a range of plastic-free products. Photo from Bloop’s Facebook page.

“I think what makes us stand out is we specialise in toiletries ‒ which is my sort of field ‒ and cleaning products, and we try and get in makers that people might not have heard of before, as well as other [larger] companies,” says Jayne.

Some of the lesser-known brands that Bloop stocks include Lucky Cloud Skincare, whose creator Jayne met through making her own products, and Elsa’s Organic, who she met when doing a trade show.

Of course, the shop also sells a range of products from Jayne’s own brand, Hairy Jayne, which she has been running since 2011.

Jayne Rutland, founder of Bloop, with one of her Hairy Jayne shampoo bars

Bloop occupies a former bakery on Oxford Street and Jayne and her husband Karl Sadler took over the property when they moved to Bristol in June. A typical day could see them receiving anywhere between ten and 30 customers, with Jayne saying: “No two days are the same!”

Community plays a big part in Bloop’s ethos with Jayne says her favourite thing about running the shop is “speaking to the local people; meeting and talking to the neighbours”.

What message does she hope people will take away from the shop? “That buying eco-friendly products and saving on plastic doesn’t need to be expensive.”

Bloop, on Oxford Street in Totterdown.

Bloop, 123 Oxford Street, Totterdown, Bristol, BS3 4RH

Find out more at

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