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Shop of the Week: Zero Green

By anna doherty, Monday Jun 3, 2019

Zero Green is full of plastic-free goodies. Customers collect their foodstuffs by filling containers or paper bags, weighing as they shop using the scales and then paying when finished.

Located on North Street in Bedminster, the shop opened its doors in March 2018 and was a trendsetter for plastic-free shops in the city.

s selection of plastic free goodies

Owners Stacey Fordham, 41, from Bedminster and Lidia Rueda Losada, 33, from Totterdown met each other when they both worked for the National Trust.

After getting to know each other, they came to a mutual agreement that it’s difficult to avoid plastic when shopping.

“We realised that if we wanted to see something done about it we would have to do it ourselves,” says Lidia.

Stacey says that they have just had a visit from two ladies from Belfast who want to open up their own plastic-free shop and she has been giving them tips from her own experience.

“I don’t care about competition,” says Stacey. “I want to help other people do the same as us so that it is accessible to shop plastic-free where you can”.

Zero Green currently sells dried fruit, nuts, seeds, pulses, lentils, pasta, porridge oats, beans and a selection of spices.

“We’ve expanded so much from opening,” says Stacey. “This whole sweet section wasn’t even here at the start.” She points to a delicious-looking array of vegan fudge, sweets and homemade spread.

The shop also stocks household items such as washing up liquid and fabric detergent, as well as a lovely selection of toiletries that includes sanitary products.

Customers can even expect bamboo tooth brushes, metal straws and reusable coffee cups.

Household items that are all vegan and cruelty free

Most of Zero Green suppliers are based in Bristol and Wales, using Essential Trading for a lot of their non-food items and finding new food products through local businesses.

Lidia and Stacey see Zero Green as a “community”, wanting to help those around them. They also encourage their suppliers to be as eco-friendly as possible, considering more sustainable packaging and changing their ethos to be more environmentally conscious.

When asking the duo how business is doing they smile, revealing that it’s going really well. They get a range of customers and now have a loyal base of people that continually get their basic items from their store.

Lidia behind the counter at Zero Green

Zero Green not only provides a plastic-free experience in cooking, cleaning and baking, they also make peanut butter and nut milks on site.

Hemp milk is freshly made on Tuesdays, cashew milk on Wednesdays, almond milk on Thursdays and Saturdays, hazelnut milk on Fridays and oat milk on Sundays.

Unlike alternative milks from supermarkets their milks is completely natural, with no additives. The shop also gets a daily bread delivery which is available from Tuesday to Saturday.

Zero Green are leading the way in the era of climate emergencies. Choosing to shop in a more sustainable way makes all the difference and both women hope more and more shops like themselves will continue to grow.

Outside the store on North Street, Bedminster

12 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1HT

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