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Where to learn a new language in Bristol

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Jan 28, 2020

From Arabic to Italian, there’s lots of new languages to be learnt in Bristol.


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These are some of the best courses:


Bristol City Council (BCC): From complete beginners to first year of undergraduate degree equivalent. The council also offer classes in learning French for going on holiday, a French book club and a French film club.

Learn new skills with Bristol City Council. Photo thanks to Bristol City Council

Bristol Language School (BLS): This Clifton-based language school offer six different courses in French, from complete beginners to lower advanced level.

International House Bristol (IHB): Four teachers lead French classes at this school, from group courses to one-to-one tutoring.


BCC: As well as simple classes in learning German for going on holiday and a fun German book club Bristol City Council also offer courses, ranging in difficulty from complete beginners to first year of undergraduate degree equivalent.

BLS: Bristol Language School offer seven different courses in German, including a beginner’s plus programme, for those who know some German but are still finding their feet.

IHB: Whether you are looking to brush-up on your German skills or want to challenge yourself with this rich and cultural language, there are a range of courses to choose from at International House Bristol.


BCC: Much like the council’s other language courses, learn Italian at different levels: from complete beginners to first year of undergraduate degree equivalent. The council also offer classes in learning Italian for going on holiday, an Italian book club and an Italian film club.

BLS: There are six different courses offered to students at Bristol Language School, including an advanced course.

IHB: Be introduced to the exciting Italian culture, while gaining confidence speaking the language. There are also workshops in speaking, cooking and drinking in Italian.

City of Bristol College (COBC): The college offer accredited, beginners, beginners plus and foundation courses.


BCC: As well as traditional courses in Portuguese, the council also offers a language and culture taster day.

IHB: Choose from a range of courses, including low-cost conversation classes.

BLS: This school offers courses both for complete beginner’s and students who are more familiar with the language.


BCC: The council offers courses in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, as well as a Spanish book club and classes for going on holiday to a Spanish-speaking country.

IHB: Affordable beginners, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses.

BLS: Arguably one of this school’s most comprehensively covered languages; there are seven courses available of varying difficulty.

COBC: The college offer accredited beginners, beginners plus, foundation, foundation plus and intermediate courses.

Hunter Language School: Although focusing on English teaching, this school also offers courses in Spanish.

Although focusing on English, Hunter Language School also offer Spanish lessons. Photo courtesy of Hunter Language School


BLS:  Offering classes in modern standard Arabic, ranging from complete beginner to early elementary level.

IHB: The school also offers beginner classes in Arabic.

Mandarin Chinese:

BLS: Mandarin Chinese is considered the official Chinese language in the country. Bristol Language School offers courses in both beginners and elementary level Mandarin.

IHB: Embrace the challenge of learning a deeply cultured language – there are two qualified teachers and three types of courses to choose from at International House Bristol.


IHB: This fascinating, lyrical language is rich with history and culture and International House Bristol’s native Welsh teacher will guide you through learning the language.


BLS: Offering a beginner’s course, this ten-week course teaches students familiar words and everyday expressions.

IHB: As well as a beginners course, students can also take an elementary course, as well as conversation class.


YUJLS: Bristol’s only language school focused solely on Japanese, this school offers 11 different courses in different levels of difficulty, including a course focusing on the Japanese GCSE.

BLS: This school offers two courses in Japanese: complete beginner’s and beginner’s plus.

IHB: International House Bristol offers two types of 15-week, morning of evening, Japanese classes.

COBC: The college offer accredited beginners, beginners plus, foundation, foundation plus, pre-intermediate and intermediate courses.


BLS: Due to its unfamiliarity, the Polish language has gained a reputation of being fiendishly difficult to learn, but Bristol Language School offers six courses in the language, from a complete beginner’s option all the way to upper intermediate.

IHB: Each Polish lesson is one and a half hours providing you with the great opportunity to learn something new, while practicing skills already gained.

Language learners at International House Bristol. Photo by @vtdn_


BLS: There are six courses as differing difficulty available for prospective students.

IHB: International House Bristol offer beginner and elementary level courses in Russian.

British Sign Language: 

COBC: The college offers a Level 1 and 2 award in British Sign Language.

For anyone wanting to improve their skills in speaking English, there are plenty of options throughout Bristol, offering both casual and accredited courses:

Main image courtesy of Hunter Language School

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