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Cannabis in competitive sports

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Aug 27, 2019

With the positive effects of legal cannabis products gaining more publicity over the last few years, Bristol had become a hotbed for Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. CBD, unlike its psychoactive sister compound THC, does not get users high.

Bristol is home to Mary Jane’s Coffee, a café selling CBD-infused drinks on Whiteladies Road, as well as several cannabis and hemp selling companies, including Bristol CBD Oil in Easton.

Mary-Jane’s on Whiteladies Road is the first cafe in the South West to sell CBD-infused food and drink, photo by Martin Booth

One of the first businesses in the city was Amma Life, when a shared passion for health inspired Bristol couple Sophia Ali & K Thompson.

Sophia and K started the business five years ago. “We were researching various herbs online when we noticed the growing interest in hemp in the US,” explain Sophia.

“Whilst researching the range of cannabinoids that make up the plant, we then discovered cannabidiol, the legal compound found in cannabis called CBD that has super health-giving properties to optimise wellbeing.”

Sophia had always worked in the health field, including at the holistic therapy business Relaxation Centre in Clifton and K, better known as DJ Krust to many, is passionate about transformation and creativity.

With a head office on Gloucester Road, Amma Life sell a variety of CBD products, from oils to tea, and the couple are keen to highlight its benefit in fitness and sport.

Louisa Wheeler of Amma Life explains, saying: “As you train, you will sometimes put more pressure on your body than it was designed to take. Using a CBD supplement before and after training can help athletes recover.”

Many sportspeople, athletes and competitors are turning to CBD for sports to aid muscle recovery during training and Sophia and K want to diminish the stigma surrounding the product.

Despite the many positive anecdotes from well-known sports people, including martial arts champion Nate Diaz and the world’s strongest man, Eddie Hall, there is still reluctance from some sportspeople, due to CBD’s links to marijuana and THC.

“CBD does not have any intoxicating effect,” says Sophia. “In fact, some people report it can actually aid concentration and focus.”

CBD oil can also help in sports competitions (it was removed from the list of banned substances in 2017) with improved recovery in the build-up to a competition, when the body is undergoing increased strain, as well as helping competitor relax during the contest and can aid in muscle recovery after the big day.

Amma Life recently won an award, which Sophia collected

“The best way to ensure the CBD oil you are taking fits guidelines is to buy CBD products extracted from legal cannabis sativa, sometimes known as hemp, as they will not exceed the legal 0.1 per cent legal THC limit,” says Sophia.

“We’re passionate about maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. One of our favourite health-boosting habits is regular physical exercise. CBD for fitness, used either before or after a workout, is rapidly proving to be a winning formula.”

Main photo of Sophia and K from Amma Life

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